Bible Studies for the Middle East

In 1948, the Voice of Prophecy opened a Bible school in Lebanon. It began in an office on the first floor of a church in West Beirut.

Christians shared the messages of God’s love and forgiving grace with friends and neighbors—not just in Lebanon, but across the Middle East. The messages of the prophets who lived in their own land millennia earlier were eagerly accepted. Thousands of students enrolled in the Bible school.

Civil War

​Civil War broke out in Lebanon in 1975.​ ​This internal battle left,​ ​some estimates say, more than 120,000 dead.​ ​The Voice of Prophecy Bible School​ ​was​ ​bombed during the fighting, and after 28 fruitful years, was forced to close.

The Time is Now

​We believe that the time is right to make a difference in the Middle East again! Plans are underway to translate the Discover lessons into Arabic, expand online access to Arabic studies, and create a brand-new set of Bible lessons for the Middle East.

Will you join us with your support to help make this possible?​​