Reigniting Churches

This is reigniting churches across North America

These are exciting times at the Voice of Prophecy. While 2015 was pivotal, 2016 will be revolutionary as we work together for His Kingdom.

This year, our over-arching goal is to equip the local church to reach their communities for Christ. To do that, we’re essentially going to “give the shop away.” We’re taking the tools, training and resources we use in our citywide campaigns and giving them to your local church. Current events tell us that the clock is ticking. All hands are needed on deck. So we want to equip every local church in North America to become outreach centers for Christ. We’re calling this VOP Local (

In January, we put our plan into action. On January 15-16, we held a live streaming evangelistic training weekend called Before Midnight. Together with Kurt Johnson (director of the Voice of Prophecy Bible School) and Alex Rodriguez (associate director of the Bible School), we taught a five-session seminar on how to run a successful Bible School in your local church. 

More than 300 churches registered and participated in January, and many more registered and plan to download the free resources and host the event at a later date. (If your church didn’t participate and you’re interested, send your pastor to for more information.)

The response from Before Midnight has been energizing! A layperson from a remote part of Colorado participated in the seminar with the goal of reigniting his small town. He was once the pastor of a vibrant church in that area, but the congregation dwindled and the church eventually dissolved. After watching Before Midnight, he is inspired! He now has the resources and a plan of action to reach out to his community. We are going to help him every step of the way.

Together with your support, we can accomplish this urgent work. 

As the clock ticks down, there is no way that one ministry or pastor can reach everyone. Our best outreach happens through members of the local church—people just like you—who are equipped, trained and emboldened to try something for the Kingdom. Our mission is to equip you and your church to be able to do just that. Your gift today will support this exciting initiative.

It’s a busy, thrilling time at the Voice of Prophecy. Not only have we just launched the VOP Local initiative, but next month, Shadow Empire also debuts. This brand-new, four-part multimedia series features stunning aerial footage and exclusive access to important historic sites around the Mediterranean basin, bringing the ancient story of Christianity to the present. We’ll share more about this exciting initiative next month, but for now, visit for a sneak peek (and encourage your pastor to participate at

We appreciate your support. Your gift today will enable us to continue to produce top-quality materials and resources to support your local church’s outreach to your community. Thank you!

In His service,

Shawn Boonstra

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