Dear Friend,

Those who know me very well know that my Dutch background causes me to be very frugal! I get teased about it a lot, but it’s who I am. And I am especially cost-conscious when it comes to donated dollars. 

That’s why today I am so excited to share with you a project that will both save money as well as help your local church—and so many others—in the very near future. And if all goes as planned, this project should be finished around Christmas, so I hope you’ll think of this as “Christmas in July!”

Last month, I shared with you how God blessed our Revelation Speaks Peace evangelistic series in Raleigh, North Carolina, with more than 1,200 brand-new contacts who were not members of the church when they first walked through the doors of our meeting. Many of them made a decision for baptism during the series, and others are still studying with local pastors, with more baptisms planned for the coming months!

What I’m so excited about now is the fact that something like this could happen in your local church in the very near future! That’s because I want to make all of our resources available to your local pastor, but in order for us to do that, we need to complete the Voice of Prophecy’s video evangelism studio. Our current building was formerly a bank, and after carefully analyzing the premises, we have found the perfect location in the basement to expand our video capability. 

One of the primary missions of the Voice of Prophecy is to assist your church—and churches throughout North America—with their evangelistic outreach. This new video evangelism studio will enable us to support churches and pastors who already feel overwhelmed. And in the process, with God’s abiding power, we pray that these new videos will bolster your church’s success and change the trajectory of people’s spiritual lives. 

The studio will not only result in training videos, webinars and TV-ready productions, but will also serve as a command center where I can have frequent—and in some cases, daily—live communication with your pastor, or pop in at an event being hosted at your church. This evangelism studio will mean the Voice of Prophecy won’t be limited to radio as the only medium we use to spread the Gospel on a regular basis.

Our goal for March 2020 is to have 1,000 churches in North America holding a month-long concurrent evangelistic series. With this video evangelism studio, I’ll be able to have daily communication with your pastor and other churches during this massive event.

Building this video evangelism studio will cost $125,000, which makes my Dutch heart happy, because it’s an incredible price for something so substantial! It’s money we don’t have, but this has always been a faith-based ministry, and by faith we’ve already started the process.

Your “Christmas in July” gift today will enable the Voice of Prophecy to transform a vacant corner into a beacon of light for the Gospel. It’s a gift that just cannot wait until December!


Your brother in Christ,

Shawn Boonstra