Join me on a trip to Discovery Mountain, where the air is clear—clear enough to hear your imagination—and where every day is an exercise in faith. Join me today for an expedition to Discovery Mountain . . .

I am so excited about Discovery Mountain! No, it’s not our next mission trip—although it’s an important mission. And it’s not a physical location, even though it’s a very real experience. The words above are the opening lines of our brand-new, cutting-edge children’s program.

The idea started a few years ago when my wife, Jean, worked on some Bible studies for children. It was a great project, but it was web-based, and once children completed the 14-part series, that was the end of the program, and children wanted more.

“I learned some important things in this process,” Jean said. “Almost all of my mail from kids was about one thing—they wanted stories! The kids wanted fresh, new content they could listen to. So Discovery Mountain was born. It includes ongoing dialogue-based stories, and we have planned it to be accessible and relevant to kids from any background.”

As children enjoy listening to stories about the town of Discovery Mountain and its summer camp, they will also learn about different Bible characters. But the most important thing of all is that Discovery Mountain is a fun way for kids from all backgrounds to get to know Jesus as their personal Savior.

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