Dear Friend,

Did you know that every eight minutes, a young girl in India is abducted? And that 70% of those taken are forced into human trafficking?


Anika was one such girl.  Her name means grace, but she had known very little of it in her short life.  Abducted at a young age, she had been forced into prostitution in one of India’s many brothels.

After that, there was nowhere left for her to go, and no one willing to help her-no one, that is, until Child Impact International and the Voice of Prophecy intervened!  A daring rescue by friends in India brought Anika and others to safety.

Your support today can help rescue and provide safe shelter for victims of human trafficking in India. Through your tax-deductible donation, you can ensure that this invaluable project-which will run out of money in December-can remain a permanent haven of safety for these girls in Bangalore, India.

With an abduction occurring every eight minutes, your gift combating this constant terror will have an immediate effect.  The Voice of Prophecy ministry is well-known around the world for rescuing people out of spiritual darkness but we also want to rescue these girls out of physical bondage.  They too, should have the opportunity to learn about Jesus and the plan of salvation.  Only with your support can this be done.  What a privilege to be able to change a life!

You’ll never regret answering the call today to provide crucial financial support for this facility where these young girls can be rehabilitated and taught new skills-but above all, where they can learn about Jesus.

Please donate today by pressing the following link.