Dear Friend,

The Lord warned us that in the last days, Satan would use nature as a tactic to destroy and discourage people: 

“And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places.” (Matthew 24:7) 

Last September, CNN reported that at least five people, including a mother and her infant, died in North Carolina as Hurricane Florence (eventually downgraded to Tropical Storm Florence) slowly moved through that state. Storm surges, punishing winds and rain turned some towns into rushing rivers. This was followed a few weeks later by Hurricane Michael, which The Atlantic said was the “third strongest storm ever to come ashore in the continental United States.” 

Why is Satan so busy battering the state of North Carolina? One reason could be that he is enraged about what will potentially happen during the Revelation Speaks Peace Raleigh evangelistic campaign that will start the first week of March and continue for a full month. 

And what Satan couldn’t do through nature, he is trying to do through finances. Without your help, vital components of the campaign will not be able to go forward. We can’t let Satan win the fight. We have already generated more than 2,500 attendance and Bible study leads, and we anticipate an additional 2,000 interests before the series starts! 

Your donation today will provide the churches in the Raleigh-Durham metropolitan area with solid Bible study interests, which can turn into incredible results as demonstrated by the following testimonies:

Diana told us, “I used to be a pothead. Revelation Speaks Peace Denver was an answer to prayer and I’m a changed woman!”

April, who also attended Revelation Speaks Peace in Denver, kept putting off returning to Christ. She told us, “If I had not been coming to these meetings, I would not have recommitted myself to Christ. I would have kept waiting for tomorrow, which I did for 15 years.” She went on to say that those who support Revelation Speaks Peace need to know about “the positive impact of their contributions and prayers.” She concluded by saying, “Revelation Speaks Peace has changed my life!”

Ninety years ago, God planted in the heart of Pastor H. M. S. Richards, Sr., the desire to evangelize the world through the medium of radio. Your invaluable support will maintain this legacy of reaching people for Christ as the Voice of Prophecy proclaims God’s Word in Raleigh, North Carolina, and around the world.

It’s a work that Satan tried twice to destroy through two hurricanes, but he was defeated both times by God. Please join us in ensuring that Revelation Speaks Peace Raleigh can go forward in a powerful way—reaching every seeking person with a personal invitation. 


Your brother in Christ,

Shawn Boonstra
Voice of Prophecy Speaker/Director