Dear Friend,

Let me share with you some of the letters that cross my desk each week—including messages from individuals in prison whose lives are being changed by the Voice of Prophecy’s Discover Bible School!

“I came to my cell from work, and behold, there was a big letter on my desk with my Discover Guide. It brought one big happy smile to see God waiting for me. How I thank God for the work you are doing. I do appreciate your kindness.  Keep those Discover lessons coming.” —Douglas

“I love the Bible studies you send me and I look forward to them. They are a true blessing and let me know that God loves me. He uses you and your church to show me. I am no longer angry. Now I live for Christ.”

“So, I have a couple of questions to ask and was hoping you could help me… In Discover Guide #6, it gave a Bible verse from Ezekiel 33:15 then goes on to say, ‘Real repentance means not only turning away from sin, but as far as possible, making past wrongs right.’ So my question is, how do you make right taking a man’s life? What can I give to make my wrong (murder) right?”

Because of supporters like you, the Voice of Prophecy, through our Discover Bible School, is able to obey Jesus’ command to “proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound.” (Isaiah 61:1)

You may never have the opportunity to personally give a prisoner a Bible study, but you may rescue a lost and searching soul with your gift today. The above testimonies demonstrate the power of God’s Word to change lives. The new Discover Bible lessons are leading many inmates to their first encounter with God—moving them to discover and embrace His power of forgiveness, and to answer His clarion call of repentance. They now have an opportunity to start a new life in Christ—one far superior to the old life of strife and desperation.

This is the season for sharing a meal and gifts with loved ones. Will you prayerfully consider adding these prisoners to your gift and prayer list? Your support this month allows us to continue to bring light to one of the darkest places on Earth: a prison cell. Will you join Jean and me in making a difference for prisoners searching for hope and truth?


Your brother in ministry,

Shawn Boonstra