Dear Friend,

Do you ever wonder whether your donation to an organization such as the Voice of Prophecy really makes a difference? Well, read on! I think your fears will be safely laid to rest!

A few years ago, in one of the most economically-challenged regions of the world—outside of Durban, South Africa—the Wentworth Seventh-day Adventist Church resolved to do something about the human suffering so prevalent in that region. A church member and his wife were inspired by God to start a church program providing packages of food to the community at Christmastime.

As individuals arrived at the church to receive their food packages, they listened to an inspirational Christmas message. At the end of the message, they were told that the church was going to conduct Discover Bible study seminars in the church, and all were invited to attend. They were offered a choice between two sessions: a morning session ending with lunch, or an evening session with dinner, one day per week.

To the astonishment of naysayers, people flocked to the Bible classes. During the first session in 2016, 140 people graduated from the Bible school and were warmly congratulated by over 500 friends and family in attendance. And enthusiasm for the Bible classes continued to grow in 2017 and 2018.

The Discover Bible lessons have opened up a new world for the participants. They had already seen that God cares about their physical needs through the distribution of the free food, but now they have discovered that God also cares about their spiritual life—that He died to offer them eternal life with Him.

The effects on the attendees’ lives have been profound. One graduate said, “The scales are on the floor. Once we were blind, but now we can see!” Another stated, “I had lots of questions, and the VOP Bible studies answered not just some of my questions, but all of my questions. It’s like a miracle journey has taken place in my life.”

Instead of rushing home to get drunk to relieve their sorrows, or self-medicate through endless hours of watching TV, these individuals are rushing to learn the good news of Jesus Christ!

Yes, your donation is impacting people who initially had no hope thousands of miles away in Durban, South Africa. Because of donors like you, they see themselves with improved self-esteem and the assurance of God’s love and salvation.  

In addition, our Bible School director, Pastor Kurt Johnson, was in Rwanda a number of months ago conducting training seminars on how to give Bible studies using the Discover Bible Guides that had been translated into Kinyarwanda, the national language of Rwanda. At one location, church members had walked many miles to attend the seminar.  

As rain fell in torrents and lightning lit up the sky, the electrical power went out in the church and the attendees were unable to hear Kurt. But Kurt asked three church members sitting up front to pray, and after the third prayer, the power came back on. At numerous times throughout the day, the electricity would go out, but each time, the group would burst into a hymn of praise and say a prayer, and God would restore the power.

The church members learned a powerful lesson that day. The same God who restores the electrical power when we pray also empowers His faithful followers in giving Bible studies.

One of the Rwandan pastors told Kurt, “When people study the Discover Guides, they are anchored in the truth of God’s Word. They are strong, committed, active Seventh-day Adventist Christians. Those who do not study the Discover Guides are not anchored the same. We must have Discover Bible Guides—I will not conduct evangelistic meetings without them!”

Your support today enables us to help churches—such as those in South Africa and Rwanda—bring people the knowledge and freedom of a relationship with Christ. Join us in making sure that no one will have to use 40-year-old Bible guides, but will have brand-new four-color lessons to share with their community, family, and friends.

Your choice to give today will help change and save lives—making all the difference in the world!

Your brother in Christ,

Shawn Boonstra