You Can Provide a Rehabilitation Home for Trafficked Girls in India

Human trafficking continues to be a worldwide problem. One of the countries impacted most is India. Impoverished girls from rural areas and neighboring countries such as Bangladesh and Nepal are drawn to the cities with promises of good jobs or marriage. Unfortunately, when the girls arrive, they are horrified to discover that the job or marriage proposal was merely a cover for a sex trade operative. Alone and defenseless, these girls have no hope of escaping this abusive, degrading life without your help.

You can give a trafficked teenage girl renewed life and hope. You can provide her with a safe home where she can heal emotionally, physically and spiritually.

We have partnered with Child Impact International's Operation Child Rescue to provide a rehabilitation home for girls rescued from sex trafficking. This new home provides a two-year program designed to prepare survivors for reintegration into society. The home uses a multidisciplinary approach to address the trauma these girls have experienced. In addition to on-site counseling tailored to each girl’s individual needs, they also receive vocational training so each girl will have a marketable skill to support herself with when she leaves. And most importantly, the girls are introduced to Jesus and the ultimate healing He offers.

The Indian government is extremely interested in this rehabilitation home and has asked if we can do more. We want to expand this program to include additional homes so that many more girls can be restored. Will you join us?

Your gift today will provide a trafficked girl with a renewed life and hope.

A gift of just $5.60 provides a girl with a safe home for one day; a $170 gift provides care for one month; and an especially generous gift of $2,040 provides rehabilitation for a full year! Will you consider making a gift today? A desperate girl needs your help.



Each girl has a story and you can read two of them below:

Salma (name changed) — 15 years old
When she was just a small child, Salma’s father died. Her mother was unable to care for her, so she sent Salma to live with her grandmother. Growing up, Salma envied her friends and their families and desperately wished that she, too, had someone to love her. This love ache made her vulnerable and a friendly neighbor boy drew her teenage affections. Soon all her hopes and dreams revolved around her boyfriend and she became extremely possessive of him.
Then one day they got into a fight.
Later that day, Salma’s grandmother scolded her harshly for something. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Late that night, Salma sneaked out of the house, and without saying a word to anyone, jumped on a bus headed south to Bangalore, India.
It was still dark when she arrived at 5 a.m. Stepping down from the bus, Salma became disoriented in the unfamiliar surroundings. Her rash act suddenly seemed very foolish. A woman noticed her confusion and offered to take her to a nearby hotel and buy her breakfast. Over a hot meal, the two became acquainted. Then without warning, the woman blew a strange smoke in Salma’s face. When Salma regained consciousness the next day, she was horrified to discover she was trapped in a brothel.
The brothel madam coldly commanded Salma to dress and be ready to service incoming customers. When Salma flatly refused, she was viciously beaten black and blue and threatened with death if she didn’t comply. Thus began days of unspeakable horror and degradation as this young teenager was repeatedly forced to submit to the abuse of countless men.
Salma’s keepers periodically moved her and the other trafficked girls to new locations to avoid detection from authorities. Thankfully, one day, after three months of unending trauma, Anita—our partner in India—and a rescue team stormed the brothel where Salma was enslaved, and freed all the girls. The team took the girls to a government-run shelter for safety, while authorities determined the best course of action for each girl and endeavored to reunite the girls with their families.

Nisha (name changed) — 19 years old
Nisha was born and brought up in Mumbai, speaks good English and looks educated. When asked during the rescue about how she ended up in a brothel, she said she was working in a four-wheeler show room as a receptionist. Her monthly salary was 20,000 and she was doing fine with the salary. Her father had died recently and her mother was a housewife. Suddenly, her mother took ill and she was diagnosed with cancer. In need of money for treatment, she began enquiring about other jobs. Her friend recommended a person who could pay her well. She ended up in Bangalore in a brothel instead of a hotel job as promised.

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