Curt's Story

Early in 1993, I attended a series of Bible prophecy meetings that completely changed my life. I learned about the seminar from my friend, Kevin, who received a brochure in the mail. When Kevin (who later became my brother-in-law) told Shawn and me about the brochure he received, we were both intrigued—intrigued enough to attend and listen. The Holy Spirit spoke to us, and at the end of the meetings, Shawn and I were baptized.
This past March, as I sat in the Revelation Speaks Peace meetings we held at the Minneapolis Convention Center, the memories of this series washed over me. Looking around the crowded auditorium, I imagined the life journeys of each person. Individuals from all age groups and walks of life were prompted by the Holy Spirit to attend and draw closer to Jesus—there was an electricity in the air.
Curt was one of the guests who attended the Revelation Speaks Peace meetings each night in Minneapolis. Like Shawn and me, he learned about the meetings from a friend who received a brochure in the mail. Their conversation went virtually the same way as the one we’d had with Kevin 22 years earlier: “You study your Bible and are interested in Bible prophecy. Would you like to come to these meetings with me?” Curt was intrigued—just as we were—and his answer was an emphatic “Yes!”

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