Expanding the Work

“Innovate or die.” It’s sage advice. For far too long, there has been an unspoken assumption among many church members that introducing others to Christ is far too complex for the average person. Rather, we should just let the professionals do the job. But there’s no way a few people can reach everyone; there has to be a way to expand the work faster and farther.
The Voice of Prophecy was founded more than 85 years ago by a man who faced the same dilemma. Walking to his hotel one night after speaking to a crowd about Bible prophecy, H.M.S. Richards Sr. pondered how he could reach the people in the neighborhoods he passed—people who might never come to hear him preach. His innovative 1929 solution: start a daily radio broadcast. This broadcast later grew into a national weekly radio program. Today we continue that legacy of innovation. Public evangelism remains at the core of who we are and what we do. But, like our ministry’s founder, how we do it is changing in exciting ways with new tools and resources designed specifically to help the local church and its members reach their friends and neighbors with the Gospel.
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