Gift of Hope

It never takes long for the marketing of the holiday season to wear on me. I’m already tired of the ads on the radio, the music in the stores and the plump catalogues that land in our mailbox. Bah humbug!
That might be why Jean is the keeper of Christmas in our home. She loves planning the menu for dinner and knitting mittens or hats for the girls each year. In recent years, we’ve made a conscious decision to simplify the holidays. The gifts are humble and we’ve cut out many of the traditions that in the past added stress to an already busy time of year. 
This year, Jean and I are committed to celebrating Christ’s first coming by preparing for His second. We are honoring our family members by making gifts in their name that will be a blessing to others. This year, we’re giving the Gift of Hope.
Maybe you, too, are fed up with all the Christmas hype and marketing and would love to simplify and deepen your enjoyment of this holiday season. If so, then perhaps you’d like to join Jean and me in our mission. Click here for some suggestions to get you started. In a world where most of us have more than enough—physically and spiritually—we have an opportunity to give the Gift of Hope to a hurting, seeking soul in need. 
Choose a gift, give the Gift of Hope to those who need it most and then honor your loved ones with this free printable decoration.

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