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We’re bringing the ancient story of Christianity and prophecy into the present.

Today, major television networks like the History Channel and others are capitalizing on your friends and neighbors’ keen interest in ancient and biblical themes. And it’s paying huge dividends in viewers and advertising. This heightened interest in ancient history provides you with a prime opportunity to share the story you know, because now more than at any time in recent history, people are receptive to the message of hope found in the Bible and the clarity provided by its prophecies.

That’s the reason we created Shadow Empire. This short multimedia event will debut exclusively in churches April 28-30. It’s designed to appeal to the history buff next door, and community members interested in world history and its ties to Christianity. This four-part series will focus on one of history’s most influential characters—the Roman Emperor Constantine—and it will look at history through the lens of religious freedom and Bible prophecy.

Approximately 1,700 years ago, Constantine ignited a global movement that forever affected the relationship between church and state. In one single act, he altered the way we think about religious freedom—and he profoundly impacted our lives today. Society is still grappling with the issues he raised.

Right now, freedom of religion and conscience is once again at stake—just as in ancient Rome. In fact, recent court decisions curtailing the religious beliefs of one group over another have brought the issue of religious freedom to the fore. Interestingly, a 2015 Barna Group study notes a “significant rise in Americans’ belief that religious freedom is worse today than 10 years ago.” Millions of Americans today are increasingly agitated over the decline of religious liberty both in this country and around the world. People are desperate for answers that make sense—desperate to know that there is still hope despite freedom’s decline.

If you’ve watched the History Channel recently, you’ve probably noticed a surprising amount of programming focused on ancient and biblical themes. They’re not creating these programs because the History Channel—and other major networks—love the Bible. Rather, their market research reveals that people are keenly interested in these topics. And it pays huge dividends in viewers and advertising.

This heightened interest in ancient history and the Bible provides you and me with a prime opportunity to share the story we know. Today, more than at any time in recent history, people are receptive to the message of hope found in Bible and the clarity provided by its prophecies.

Constantine lived about 1,700 years ago, but people are still talking about him today! Right now, people are asking some probing questions. Did Constantine create the New Testament? Did he invent the belief in the divinity of Christ? People know that Constantine did something significant, but what?

As I’ll reveal in this series, the choices Constantine made during his reign continue to effect religious freedom today. We need to have our eyes wide open before the next storm hits. In order to prevent a repeat of the mistakes of the past, we must understand what happened the first time.

Ancient History Will Come to Life April 28

Shadow Empire will feature stunning aerial footage of important historic sites scattered around the Mediterranean basin, vividly bringing the ancient story of Christianity into the present. The production team and I had unprecedented access and free rein to explore Constantine’s birthplace in Naissus—now Niš, Serbia—an active archeological site. 

The Bible study guides that correspond with each presentation will address the pressing questions on your guests’ minds. We’ll discuss:

  • Why is Christianity often at odds with popular culture, and does this result in persecution?
  • What was God’s original intention for civil government?
  • What does the Bible suggest about the way Christians ought to relate to government?
  • Will persecution once again become a reality for Christians, and if so, what does the Bible suggest our mindset should be when it comes to approaching trouble?
  • Is it possible for God to call political candidates to run for office?
  • How did Constantine’s conquest and supposed conversion impact modern thought about church and state?

Your gift today will help us produce Shadow Empire and other programs like it—series that will pique interest in the Bible and reveal the hope and certainty found within its pages.

Constantine is one of history’s most influential characters. Interestingly, his life parallels the life of Jesus in many respects. However, the ultimate choices that each one made have affected religious freedoms in dramatically different ways. The next battle for religious liberty will soon be ours. Will we be ready?

In His service,

Shawn Boonstra

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