Transforming Lives Through the Power of Radio

Radio still has the power to reach and transform lives today!

Back in July, we asked you to help equip our new recording studio. At the time, it seemed like a daunting task—almost like eating an elephant! But many dedicated Voice of Prophecy supporters dared to dream along with us. We needed everything from lights to mics, and from computers to audio consoles, and you responded so generously. Thank you!

Thanks to you, our new studio is now up and running. In December, I gratefully abandoned the hot, stuffy closet we’d used for months as a makeshift recording studio, and began recording new content from our brand-new “future-proof” studio.

The radio ministry of Voice of Prophecy is back on track!

Many of you can trace your first introduction to the Gospel to a Voice of Prophecy radio broadcast. And your life has been eternally changed as a result.

Take Ed, for instance. When Ed was a young boy, his father worked long hours away from home. Sunday was his dad’s only day off. However, when his parents discovered the Voice of Prophecy’s radio program, they rearranged the family’s Sunday schedule so that everyone could gather for breakfast and listen to the broadcast while they ate. After months of listening, the family made a commitment to follow Christ

There are countless more people like Ed who still need to hear the Good News of salvation. That’s why we regularly continue to produce and widely distribute new radio content. Radio still has the power to reach and transform lives today.

But you will notice that talk radio has changed significantly since our founding more than 86 years ago. Today, the most popular radio programs are dynamic and interactive. The talking heads of yesteryear are gone. Listener participation is in. People today are less likely to listen to a half-hour radio sermon. But they will tune in to a spiritual program if there’s a lively exchange of ideas.

Starting next month, the Voice of Prophecy radio program is changing its format. We are expanding our radio program to be one hour, and it will feature new interviews as well! The show will cover issues and topics people are discussing today, and direct them back to the Bible. Then, a little further down the road, we will launch round two of our new broadcast—a live call-in radio program. Stay tuned!

Supporters like you generously provided the equipment necessary to make these broadcasts possible. Will you help us now with the next step? Will you consider making a gift today to purchase airtime in new markets?

Most talk radio shows today run five days per week. However, if we did that, it would mean sacrificing other important evangelism projects of the ministry. So instead, we are going to host the show on Sunday, which—incidentally—will give us access to a significantly diverse audience.

This will also take advantage of the growing number people who listen to radio on their devices. According to the Pew Research Center, the percentage of Americans who reported listening to radio online in the past month rose to 53 percent in 2015—nearly double the percentage of those who had done so in 2010.

An important component with this live radio format is our brand-new website, which launched last month. With its enhanced capability, we can now simulcast the show both in audio and video. The studio is equipped with 4K cameras, so later this year, you will be able to watch a webcast of the show in real time from anywhere in the world!

However, this live-streaming capability does not come without a price. We have invested significant funds into equipment, data storage and web platforms. This is a substantial commitment, especially since we are still rebuilding the ministry. But our highest priority is to produce top-quality media and resources to proclaim the Gospel. Your gift today will help ensure that our radio and live-streaming programs reach the people desperately searching for answers to life’s most troubling questions.

Thank you for caring. Your support makes a world of difference to people like Ed. Without supporters like you, this new broadcast would not be possible. Will you consider making another gift today to help us take the next step forward in radio and Internet ministry? Thank you!

Your brother in Christ,

Shawn Boonstra

P.S. We can’t wait for you to share these new programs with your friends and family! Thank you again for your vital support.

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